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Light Activated Sound Modules; Light Sensitive Devices


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Light Activated / Light Sensitive Recordable Sound Module

Imagine The Gift Of “SURPRISE” When They Hear Your Custom Message In Gift Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Mailing Tubes, Media Kits.

(Boxes not included)

Comes in sets of 10 modules.

Light Activated Sound Modules, also called Light Sensitive Sound Devices automatically plays your songs/voice messages up to 20 seconds when exposed to light. Perfect for corporate business mailings, mailing tubes, music boxes, drawers, gag gifts and more!

If you would like specific quantities over 10, or express shipping, please call us at 877-545-2343.

*Please Note: We accept international orders for recordable sound modules. ($100 minimum)

Light Sensitive Recording Devices:  “How To” Video



(Email your receipt from samples to receive $25 refund on your next order of 100 or more sound modules.)

Light Activated Recordable Sound Modules

Price: $6.50 each; Sold in sets of 10
($65.00 + shipping.)

Looking for SAMPLES?

You may order 5 (20 sec. modules) @ 9.00 ea. (45.00 + shipping)


Light Activated / Light Sensitive Recordable Sound Module


Design Features for Light Sensitive Modules:

  • Light Sensitive Recording Devices record your messages up to 20 seconds. You can re-record up to 300 times your achieve desired results!
  • Size: 3.5 x 2.75 x 0.25 inches
  • Light Activated Sound modules automatically play your message each time lid is opened and exposed to light.  Perfect for mailing tubes.
  • Depending on usage, the battery should last several months.
  • To apply, peel off backing and stick into place.

Email for quantity pricing of 250 and up.


Your order is shipped USPS priority mail – guaranteed 2 – 3 days. All Light Sensitive Recording Devices are tested prior to shipping.


Please call us to for express shipping: 877-545-2343

Additional information

Dimensions 3.5 x .25 x 2.75 in

$6.50 each; Sold in sets of 10


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