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Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules; Recording Devices


Easy! Print Your Own Musical Greeting Card Kits

Insert recordable greeting card modules and custom print your own Recordable Greeting Cards to create personalized Musical Party Invitations for Corporate, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Holiday, Halloween and more!  Our kits include recordable greeting card sound modules + print-ready paper/envelopes.

Save time!  We can program your song/message onto recording devices up to 5 minutes!  Fast Delivery!  Just email your recording as a wav or mp3 format:

Already have your greeting cards/invitations?  It’s not too late! WATCH VIDEO BELOW.  Combine recordable greeting card sound modules AND sound module COVERS which hide all components.  Record, peel-n-stick.  Automatically plays when your recordable card is opened.

Select recording time

Sold in sets of 20 @ 4.45 each or 60 sec. @ 4.95 ea:

USB Programmer *

This program only works on a pc. If you already have a programmer, you do not need another. If you aren’t comfortable programming yourself, then please make sure to select the next question with how many modules you need programmed. We would be happy to help!

Need Us To Program for you? *

If you would like us to program for you, please select the amount of modules you need programed:

Add print ready paper + envelopes

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: ordering 2 = 40 print ready paper + envelopes.

This must be a number!


Great Idea! Add Peel-n-Stick Module Covers to hide components (white) Attach to any store bought card. This item can be used instead of print-ready paper/envelopes.
Sold Individually.

This must be a number!

Custom Programming Only: Order an Electronic Video Proof by Email

Custom Programming Only: Sound File Upload

Must be a WAV or MP3 file.

(max file size 10 MB)


Print Your Own Musical Greeting Card Kits

Recordable Sound Modules

Since 2005 – offering the highest quality in Recordable Greeting Card Sound Chips and Musical Cards.



Email for quantity pricing on recordable greeting card modules.

Your order is shipped USPS priority mail – guaranteed 2 – 3 days. All sound modules are tested prior to shipping to insure work-ability.

Please call us to for express shipping: 877-545-2343


EASY and READY TO USE!  Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules (Also called Recordable Greeting Card Sound Chips)

We custom program recordable greeting card sound chips for you! Sound Chips / Modules include your custom sound file embedded onto each sound chip. Just peel and stick it into your custom sound cards.

Greeting Card Sound Module Size: 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

Fast lead time (1 – 2 weeks)

RUSH orders accepted


Ordering Instructions:

Fill out the form below to start the process.

Include your sound file as a Wav or Mp3 file (44 KHz) up to 100 seconds (Wav or MP3 sound file (44KHz) accepted).

Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for delivery.

Email with any questions or concerns about our recordable greeting cards or sound modules.

Additional information

Dimensions 4.5 x 2.5 in

20 second Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules: $3.98 each, 60 second Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules: $4.95 each


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How To Make Your Own Musical Greeting Cards

Our Talking Sound Modules are ready to be placed inside blank greeting cards. One could also look at a Hallmark sound greeting card to see how the sound module is placed within the fold.

DIY Sound Module Helpful Videos


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