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Wholesale Recording Devices for Stuffed Animals


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Sold in sets of 10
If you would like bulk, wholesale pricing, please email us:


*Please Note: We accept international orders for voice recorders for stuffed animals. ($100 minimum)

Stuffed Animals not included with this purchase of recordable sound devices only.  


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Wholesale Talking Recording Devices For Stuffed Animals

  • Records talking or musical recordings up to 10 seconds. Yes, you can re-record your voice recorders up to 300 times.
  • Recorder Size: (Plastic box is 1 ½” x 2” x ¾” inches; Squeeze button is ½”); Recommended for talking stuffed animals up to 15” tall and up to 10” wide.
  • Voice Recorder Sound Devices automatically play your message each time the squeeze button is pressed. The white plastic box holds the speaker components.

Video Instructions:  Recording-devices-for-stuffed-animals

Personalize 10 second recording devices for stuffed animals (also known as recordable squeeze modules) to build your own teddy bears and add your own custom songs or voice recordings.

  1. Squeeze button attached to red / black wire and record into small round microphone.
  2. Play back by squeezing the button attached to the yellow/black wire. This is the squeeze button that goes into the paw area of the animal to playback your message.
  3. Place white plastic box and all wires (inside stuffed animal) in chest area and the yellow/black wire should extend down the arm of your stuffed animal with the squeeze button placed in the paw area.

Your order is shipped USPS priority mail – guaranteed 2 – 3 days. All products are tested prior to shipping.

Wholesale talking recording devices for stuffed animals help you build talking teddy bears.  Recordable Animals make memorable gifts for birthdays, weddings, build-a-bear, proposals, Valentines, anniversary, get well and more!

On custom orders of 250 and up, we can program multiple squeeze button messages and provide a total of 3 minutes of record time.  Email us for wholesale pricing on larger quantities:

Talking Recording Devices are perfectly suited for your own Stuffed Animals (up to 15 inches) to add a talking feature.  Just insert the sound components in the chest area and extend the squeeze button wire down the arm of the stuffed animal.  You can cut the record wire after recording to avoid the possibility of erasing your custom recorded song or message.

Talking recording devices for stuffed animals are sold in sets of 10.  (Stuffed Animals not included with this purchase of the recording devices.)  If you are interested in purchasing our stuffed animals with recorders, please view our recordable stuffed animal kits. Available in 15″ talking stuffed animals and 8″ talking stuffed animals.