Sound Expression Greetings FAQs

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Do the sound greeting cards automatically play recordings when opened?
Yes. Whether you are ordering talking or musical greeting cards, the most popular way to activate is with a tongue slide switch which immediately activates your audio greeting card to play upon opening. You have the option of Push Button activation which is recommended when you would like an audio card to have multiple talking recordings. We will be happy to make recommendations to you.

Is there a high import tax on products?
All of our products include fully charged batteries and will play up to 300 times for recordings under 30 seconds.

Is Editing "Free" on Audio files for sound greeting cards?
Yes. We include most audio editing for FREE including clipping, improving sound quality or loudness. Please note that the best sound file is a "wav file" to insure the highest playback quality.

Are sound greeting cards available in stores?
No. Since all of our products include personalized sound recordings for bulk orders, corporate promotions and holiday celebrations, they are not sold in stores.

What is the average lead time on musical audio greeting cards?
Average lead time is 3 - 4 weeks. However, we accept rush orders and always deliver within the promised delivery dates - often ahead of schedule.

What is the maximum record time for audio components?
5 minutes

What format is required when emailing artwork and sound files when ordering personalized musical audio greeting cards?
We require the original art file + pdf (at least 300 dpi) by dropbox or Sound file = wav or mp3 file (wav preferred).

Are all music greeting cards fully assembled when they arrive?
Yes. All of our musical cards and talking boxes are fully assembled and ready to use when they arrive.

Are envelopes provided?
All of our standard audio greeting cards (size 5 x 7) arrive with white envelopes unless you advise us otherwise. On custom size cards, envelopes cost a small fee depending on quantity and size.

Do the cards get damaged in shipping by US first class mail?
No. We recommend that you ask for bulk rates from the US post office and ask them to "Hand Stamp" all cards with recording devices whenever possible. This is just a precaution.

What type of printing do you use on the video and audio greeting cards?
Offset Printing