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Where are the components made?
All Electronic components are still made overseas similar to the manufacturing of TV's, stereos and cell phones. Please beware if anyone is telling you otherwise. Printing and assembly of our devices into greeting cards and packaging are often completed here in the USA. Our Hong Kong office monitors quality control of the electronics manufacturing in all 3 of our China factories.

Is there a high import tax on products?
It has not had ANY negative impact so far.

Do the products arrive with batteries?
Yes. All of our products include fully charged batteries and play up to 300 times for recordings under 30 seconds. Our video products come with recharger ports to easily recharge with a standard USB as needed.

Is Editing "Free" on Audio files?
Yes. Sound editing including clipping, improving sound quality or loudness is free. Please note that the best sound file is a "wav file" to insure the highest playback quality.

Do the cards automatically play our messages and videos when opened?
Yes. The most popular way to activate is with a tongue slide switch which immediately activates your audio or video to play upon opening. You have the option of Push Button activation which is recommended when you have multiple audio or video files. We will be happy to make recommendations to you. Quotes@SoundExpressionGreetings.com

Are these products available in stores?
No. Since all of our products include customization, they are not sold in stores.

What is the average lead time on custom audio or video cards?
Average lead time is 3 - 4 weeks. However, we accept rush orders and always deliver within the promised delivery dates - often ahead of schedule.

What is the maximum record time for audio components?
5 minutes

What is the average capacity for video cards?

What format is required when emailing video files for uploading?
We require the original video format by dropbox or wetransfer.com.