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What is the standard video card size for business promotions?
Our standard video card size is 5 x 7".; However all of our sound cards and video cards are custom made, so make your requests. We can create any card size for you.

What are the LCD video screen sizes that you offer?
The smallest video screen size for a video promotions is 2.4 inches. The most common video screen size is 4.3 inches. It is most popular for video business promotions since the font is easy to read. It is the perfect choice for most greeting cards, video boxes, and video business brochures. LCD screen sizes include: 2.4 inch, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch. Custom sizes available.

Do the video greeting cards and video brochures automatically play when opened?
Yes. Your video automatically plays each time the video card or video brochure, box opens. If you prefer, we can add one or more push buttons under the screen for various videos. We use this push button activation when our clients have a variety of videos that they would like to present. These are normally called video postcards for direct mail.

When sending video products by mail, are they fragile? Do they ever break in the mail process?
Our video cards are very sturdy since all of the video components are located in a foam board to protect the screen. We have had no reports of damaged video screens so far.  Plus, each video card comes with its own mailing box. The mailing box will add additional protection to the video card and all of its components to give you the reassurance you need for your direct mail marketing.

Is there a specific video format?
We prefer that you email us the original video file along with your artwork by dropbox or wetransfer.com. We will convert your creative video for you and be sure the placement properly aligns with your selected screen size.

What is the maximum video capacity?

How long can the video be?
We recommend that the video is up to 15 minutes.

Are the video cards rechargeable?
Yes. Each video card, video marketing brochure or video box has a standard USB charger port build in. The user can plug in the USB to the video port and into an outlet or computer to recharge. The video usually plays up to 8 hours before a recharge is necessary. Each Video product is fully charged before it arrives to you.

How long is the standard lead time on video products?
Our standard lead time is 3 to 4 weeks which includes an electronic video proof. We also accept rush orders, so please let us know if you are on a tight schedule and we will check with our production and always do our best to accommodate you.

What is the average response rate using video Marketing products in direct mail?
Studies have shown that the response rate is 20%. There is normally 4x the return on your investment. Another plus is that consumers save creative video cards and brochures, so they are reminded of your product ongoing.

What occasions are most popular for a video product mailing?
Businesses enjoy giving video cards instead of holiday cards. They also use our video products to introduce new ideas and creative strategies. Video demonstrations are educational tools to introduce medical devices, training programs and new products. Video greeting cards are effectively used in direct mail campaigns to prospective clients because the end user will open it and most likely save it. Many corporate celebrations send video party invitations to their employees. Video gift boxes are a memorable way to celebrate Engagement for Weddings, Christmas, Valentines, Luxury Jewelry, Luxury Cars and more!