Greeting Card Sound Modules For USB Programmers

This item has been replaced by our All-In-One (5 minute) BOTSKIŽ Recording Stickers. Now, you can simply Record & Stick to ANY card, envelope, post card or mailer. Go to our new BOTSKIŽ Website to order this product.

USB Recordable Greeting Card Sound Module
PRICE: Set of 20 USB Greeting Card Sound Modules ($4.95 each) for $99.00

BENEFITS: USB Recordable Greeting Card Modules come with a port to upload wav or mp3 sound files directly from your PC for highest quality recordings. (Holds 5 minutes of record time for songs and messages). Uploading Software will be emailed w/your purchase. Use with a PC - not Mac compatible. Re-records up to 200x.

USB PROGRAMMER: (Select with your 1st order - one-time purchase that can be re-used ongoing) $50.00 - You can re-order USB sound modules as needed and continue to use the same programmer.


OPTION #1: Set of 20 - DIY Print-Ready 5 x 7 inch Paper (Already Scored 3-Panel Greeting Card Paper) + Envelopes @ $1.75 each = ($35.00)

OPTION #2: Set of 20 - White Module Slide On Covers @ $1.75 each ($35.00) -These White Slide On Stickers provide the solution to hiding components to use our greeting card modules in any store-bought card or party invitation. Simply slide module covers over components after recording your message. In addition, you may add a wallet size photo or gift card to the clear sleeve overlay included.


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Video Example: USB Module With Programmed Sound Chip:


Are you looking for the highest quality playback and/or long recording time capability? The USB programmers with greeting card modules are your solution. We work with record companies and produce the highest quality recordable greeting card modules. The USB programmer plugs into your PC. We give you the software to download with your purchase. Once the software is downloaded, you will import your Wav or MP3 sound file onto the chip in a few seconds. You have up to 5 minutes of record time. Instructions included.

Want to save time?  We can custom program your song/message onto recording devices for you - up to 5 minutes! Fast Delivery! Just email your recording as a wav or mp3 format:  Please attach your recording and let us know your quantity and date needed. We will email the pricing with the custom programming fee. We normally ship within 2 - 3 days.

Want to print your own greeting cards? Download this 3 panel DIY greeting card template.
Look for white, 5 x 7 inch - print-ready scored paper on this page. You can custom design and print your own personalized greeting cards for all occasions such as Party Invitations, Corporate mailers, Wedding invitations, Birthday invitations, Anniversary cards, Christmas / Holiday greeting cards and more! Our kits include recordable greeting card sound modules print-ready paper and envelopes.

Are you looking to add a recording to a store-bought cards and invitations?  Slide On Stickers are sold on this page. The Slide On Stickers hide the components so you can turn any store bought card or invitation into an extraordinary, memorable keepsake with recordable greeting card sound modules. Purchase them in addition to the USB greeting card modules. Just Record, Peel-n-Stick. The recording automatically plays when your card is opened - up to 300 times.

Sound Expression Greetings is a USA Disney Vendor since 2015. ! Our specialty business featuring music and video innovations began in 2002. Our musical greeting cards, devices and custom recorded products are shipped throughout the USA and abroad. We excel in the highest quality custom musical greeting cards and recordable greeting card sound modules, talking devices, push button sound modules, light and squeeze modules. We offer FREE consultations on custom recorded cards, boxes, brochures, shelf talking displays, video greeting cards, recordable envelopes and more.

Please call for express shipping or bulk discount rates on blank recordable greeting cards and custom printed musical greeting cards or greeting card sound modules: 877-545-2343

To get started, email your ideas so we can work with you throughout the process and supply the right template for your design:

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