Owner, Kelli Fusaro, has written songs for special occasions:
Check out “For Better Or Forget It” which currently has LOI licensing by Google.

Browse the list of our most popular gift ideas. We are not limited to just these events. Our only limit is your imagination! View our products to get started, or contact Sound Expressions for details and any questions you may have.

Make Wedding Celebrations truly memorable with Sound Expressions unique wedding gifts and wedding favors. You will fall in love with our Unique Wedding Invitations and Photo Cookie Wedding Favors. You can even have your own customized music for your wedding! We offer inspiring wedding gifts highlighting our musical wedding greeting card titled “Loves Lullaby”. “Love’s Lullaby” is FREE with purchase of Photo Cookies boxed wedding packages.

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  • Unique Wedding Invitations
  • Photo Cookie Wedding Favors

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Your gift from Sound Expressions will be the highlight of your next baby shower! You’ll love our cookie package with a musical greeting for your next baby shower. Our beautiful cookie packages contain photo cookies with musical baby shower greeting card “Mother’s Hands”. “Mother’s Hands” is a beautiful baby shower song that highlights the precious moments of motherhood.

  • Baby Shower Musical Greeting Cards(R-505)
  • Baby Shower Photo Cookies
  • Customized Music for Baby Showers by Kelli Fusaro

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Personalized Valentines gifts for that special someone

Fall in love with Sound Expression’s personalized Valentine card titled “Love’s Lullaby”. This Valentine gift may be purchased separately or included with a gift purchase of our photo cookie packages. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a personalized CD greeting that musically tells the tale of a friendship that has grown into a lasting relationship. Send us your favorite photo and we’ll personalize heart-shaped Valentine cookies! A delicious surprise gift!

  • Musical Valentine Greeting Cards
  • “Love’s Lullaby” Musical Greeting Cards
  • Valentine’s Day Photo Cookies
  • Customized Music for Valentines Day by Kelli Fusaro

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Musical Anniversary Card “Love’s Lullaby” will be the highlight of your evening and definitely a memorable anniversary gift idea that will express your feelings through music! Each musical anniversary card includes a Song by Kelli on CD and lyrical gift message printed inside. (Sample “Love’s Lullaby”) Planning an anniversary party? Sound Expressions offers delicious photo cookies to make your anniversary party special. We also offer an elegantly packaged anniversary gift with cookies that includes a FREE personalized musical greeting.

Customized Anniversary Songs by Kelli

Anniversary Photo Cookies

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Sound Expressions specializes in gifts of encouragement and inspirational get well gifts. Our song of encouragement titled “Follow Your Heart” will speak to your loved one through the gift of song, and will let them know that they can believe in themselves. God is watching over us and reminding us to always keep our faith – regardless of circumstances. “Follow Your Heart” is our leading inspirational get well gift and is sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Other gifts of encouragement includes our popular plush feather wreaths, get well photo cookie packages, and inspirational gifts of assorted musical greeting cards.

All Occasion Greeting Cards

Customized Get Well Music by Kelli Fusaro

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“Follow Your Heart” musical greeting for graduation includes a FREE personalized message and inspiring song on CD as a graduation gift of encouragement. Planning a Graduation Party? You’ll love our graduation party favor ideas from Sound Expressions! Delicious photo cookie party favors are becoming the latest rage in place of photo cakes. Our photo cookie party favors will definitely capture the accomplishments of the graduate as a fun way to treat the guests at your party! “Follow Your Heart” personalized musical greeting may also be selected as a graduation party favor. The song’s inspiring message. . . “Follow your heart, believe in yourself no matter who or where you are….. God’s gifts are waiting for you”. Graduation Gifts Across the Miles? We will package graduation photo cookies that include a FREE, personalized “Follow Your Heart” greeting. We deliver anywhere in the world!

Cookies shown below are actual size.

Graduation Party Favors

Graduation Favors

Graduation Party Gift

Graduation Gift Idea

Regardless of your faith, “Follow Your Heart” is a universal song of encouragement!  Specializing in unique, inspirational gifts, Sound Expressions welcomes you to sample “Follow Your Heart” . . . a musical greeting that communicates words of encouragement through gifts of song. The combination of music with the song’s lyrical message of encouragement is letting your loved one know that they can believe in themselves. God is always standing by reminding us to keep our faith – regardless of circumstances. “Follow Your Heart” is our leading encouragement greeting sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Other gifts of encouragement includes our popular plush feather wreaths and delicious photo cookie packages too!

Encouragement Greeting Cards

Photo Cookie Encouragement Gifts

Customized Music of Encouragement by Kelli Fusaro

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Send our unforgettable “Star of Christmas” musical greeting to your loved ones. This is a Christmas gift that will let them know how you feel and touch their heart! Feather Wreath Gift – Best of Show at the 2004 Atlanta Gift Show! Truly exquisite feather wreaths make a wonderful Christmas gift this holiday season. Photo Cookies – Unique Christmas gift ideas including with “Star of Christmas” theme photo cookies or Santa Christmas theme. Comes with matching greeting card. We ship anywhere in the world.

Musical Christmas Greeting Card

Customized Music for Christmas by Kelli Fusaro

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Sometimes it is difficult to choose gifts to help a loved one through challenging times. “Remembering Spirit” offers a musical CD with sympathy gifts of song for anyone coping with loss. This sympathy song makes a beautiful sympathy gift reminding us that the spirit lives on. Sound Expressions sympathy cookie gifts are packaged beautifully with matching musical greeting “Remembering Spirit”. We send sympathy cookie gifts anywhere in the world. Customized music of sympathy are also available as a perfect tribute to a loved one.

“Remembering Spirit” Sympathy Greeting Card with Music

Customized Music of Sympathy by Kelli Fusaro

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“Prayer of the Children” musical greeting was written as a gift for a child’s first confirmation / communion ceremony. Lyrical message, “Lord Jesus, send your spirit, fill us with you peace” is a musical greeting that includes personalization available at no extra charge. Our other communion and confirmation gift ideas include unique photo cookie gifts with FREE “Prayer of the Children” musical greeting. We can also write a customized gift of song to make any first communion or confirmation celebration truly memorable. Send a congratulations photo cookie gift for your next first Communion or Confirmation. We ship anywhere in the world!

“Prayer of the Children” Musical Confirmation Prayer Card

Photo Cookies

Customized Confirmation / Communion Songs by Kelli Fusaro

Sound Expressions features our most creative, delicious photo cookies as the perfect Father’s Day gift idea. He will never expect this one! Simply send us your favorite photo of dad and we will make him picture perfect Father’s Day photo cookies! Surprise dad with this Father’s Day gift idea that is sure to make him smile! Plus, we ship photo cookies anywhere in the world. Our “Follow Your Heart” photo cookies gift idea (MLC-605) is packaged with music and includes a FREE personalized musical greeting to inspire dad to follow his dreams. Sound Expressions also offers customized music for Father’s Day as a great gift idea. A generous gift for dad that your entire family will cherish.

“Follow Your Heart” Musical Greeting Card for Fathers Day

Father’s Day Picture Cookies

Customized Music for Fathers Day by Kelli Fusaro

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Gifts For Mom!

A fantastic Mother’s Day Gift Idea! Mom will say “Wow” with a plush and durable feather wreath for any home or office. Feather wreaths, the #1 selling gift at the Atlanta gift show in 2004. Awarded Best of Show! If mom likes her sweets, a great Mother’s Day gift idea is our delicious photo cookies. Simply send us your favorite photo of mom and we will make her picture perfect Mother’s Day photo cookies! Surprise mom with a Mother’s Day gift idea that is sure to make her smile! Plus, if you can’t be with mom on Mother’s Day, we will ship photo cookie gifts anywhere in the world. Our “Mothers Hands” photo cookies gift idea (MLC-505) is packaged with a Mother’s Day musical greeting card that includes a FREE personalized message to acknowledge mom. She will be touched by this song’s message. In fact, mom will surely know how precious she is in your life. Sound Expressions also offers customized music for Mother’s Day as a great gift idea. A generous gift for mom that your entire family will cherish.

Mother’s Day Greeting Card

Mother’s Day Cookies

Customized Music for Mothers day by Kelli Fusaro

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Searching for unique birthday gift ideas? Sound Expressions is your #1 choice for creative, innovative birthday gift ideas. You will love our inspiring musical greeting card titled “A Birthday Wish”. This musical greeting card offers a refreshing birthday song on a CD with the song’s lyrics and sing-a-long track included in each musical greeting card. “A Birthday Wish” is FREE with purchase of Photo Cookie boxed gifts.

Musical Birthday Cards; Birthday Greetings Card


Birthday cards by Sound Expressions entitled “A Birthday Wish”, are the perfect birthday greetings to remind someone you love that their birthday is a time to see their life as a gift – a new beginning for dreams to come true. Each Sound Expression birthday greeting is a greeting card that contains a birthday song on CD with the song’s lyrical message printed inside. (Listen to sample below) Plus, we can include your personalized gift message inside each birthday card. These new birthday cards gift idea is the latest trend in the greeting card industry. In these birthday cards, we have created a breakthrough by designing keepsake birthday greetings that includes an original birthday song and message for someone you love. By choosing these birthday cards with song, you will be encouraging someone in your life to follow their dreams.

Great birthday greetings with song for any age!

  • Order “A Birthday Wish” – birthday cards with song individually for $5.95
  • Order “A Birthday Wish” in our musical greeting cards sampler box set of 6 for $15.95 (SAVE over 50%)
  • Order “A Birthday Wish” FREE and PERSONALIZED musical greeting with gift purchase.

NOTE: S&H for these birthday cards is calculated on a sliding percentage ==> $0-50 is 15%, $51 – 150 is 13%, $151 & above is 10%.

“A Birthday Wish” Greeting Card
Birthday Card for All Ages

Write your FREE Personalized Message Here. (Up to 20 words)

Buy online this Birthday Greeting Card for $5.95 tax included.

We only ship CDs to U.S. and Canada addresses.

Birthday Cookies

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Customized Photo Cookies are printed with 100% edible food coloring.
  • Photo cookies will last up to 3 weeks if kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Photo Cookie Packaging – Your photo cookies are individually wrapped in clear cello bags. They are boxed and wrapped two times so that you don’t have to worry about breakage.
  • Black and white pictures produce BEAUTIFUL PHOTO COOKIES. Colored photos may be changed to black and white, but black and white photos cannot be turned into color.
  • Minimum Order is one dozen on customized photo cookies. If you are ordering multiple dozens of photo cookies, then each dozen can have a different photo.

Six Singing Greeting Cards / Song Card


Presenting our QVC “SAMPLER” JUST FOR YOU at wholesale pricing to simply try our new collectible musical CD greeting cards. Each sampler includes . . . 6 assorted singing musical greeting cards for just $15.95. Add Gift Wrapping for a final price of just $17.95.

Take advantage of our generous special where we offer greeting cards at wholesale prices so that you can try our product and pay just $2.58 per CD greeting card in each boxed assortment! Our assortments of collectible singing greeting cards are great gift ideas for music teachers, musicians, classroom teachers, religious educators, doctors and counselors. Anyone professional who promotes music, spirituality, creativity, or well-being will love this gift!

6 Singing Greeting Cards at WHOLESALE pricing !!!!

6 Titles include: “Follow Your Heart”, “Remembering Spirit”, “Love”, “Mother’s Hands”, “A Birthday Wish”, and “Prayer of the Children”.

Each Sound Expression greeting is a singing greeting card that contains a special occasion song by Kelli Fusaro with the song’s lyrical message printed inside each greeting card as the text. This new gift idea is the latest trend in the greeting card industry. We are “raising the bar” on greeting cards by designing a greeting card with “keepsake” value that allows you to communicate. . . through music!

NOTE: S&H for these greeting cards is calculated on a sliding percentage ==> $0-50 is 15%, $51 – 150 is 13%, $151 & above is 10%.
Sound Expressions Sampler Includes All 6 Songs:

Sympathy Greeting Card
Get Well Greeting Card
Love Greeting Card
Mother’s Greeting Card
Birthday Greeting Card
Christian Prayer Card

Choose $15.95 or $17.95 BEFORE clicking on the “Add To Cart” Button:
Sampler – $15.95
Sampler w/Gift Wrap- $17.95
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We only ship CDs to U.S. and Canada addresses.

Customized Music for Birthdays by Kelli Fusaro

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Customized recordable thank you card, customized recordable thank you cards