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Blank Recordable Greeting Cards

Custom Print and Record:  DIY Talking Greeting Cards!

Over 200,000 sold!


Folded Size: 5 x 7.  Blank recordable greeting cards create musical invitations, holiday cards with your personalized songs or recorded messages.

  • Sold in sets of 20
  • Recordable DIY talking greeting cards are re-recordable up to 300 times
  • Available in 20 or 60 seconds record time
  • Simply peel and stick recorded sound module and apply to paper after printing is complete
  • We supply (100 lb. stock) scored blank paper (20 sheets per set) Bright White Envelopes (included)
  • The paper is already scored.  Instructions included
  • Glue stick (not included)

Click our Template to follow the measurements to Create and Print Blank Recordable Greeting Cards


Christmas Tree Celebration:
Holiday Card Kit

Select Holiday Greeting Card Set and Recording Time – Sold in Sets of 10

Custom record your personalized messages or songs!  Choose 10 to 80 seconds of recording time.

This will be a Christmas Card they will save and cherish!

***Wholesale pricing available on quantities of 500 and up.

Custom Video Greeting Cards; Wholesale LCD Video Components/Mailers/Brochures

Enjoy wholesale pricing on custom printed/programmed video greeting cards, promotional video mailers, brochures for your upcoming business promotions and more!

We are Disney vendors offering the best quality LCD video components/displays. Your video may be up to 15 minutes.  Four color off-set printing included.


Blank Video Greeting Cards!

ALL VIDEO GREETING CARDS include a mailing box.   Add a USB re-charger and Print-Ready Paper to custom print a cover!

Blank, White LCD video greeting cards with 4.3″ screen.  Simply upload your custom video up to 15 minutes.  Press button under screen to play.

RECEIVE DISCOUNTS on 5 or more.  If you are ordering 100 personalized wholesale video greeting cards, visit our corporate and wholesale page to view Corporate Video Greeting Cards, LCD components, Brochures and Video Accessories.  Let us make your upcoming promotion memorable!

*International Orders Accepted with purchases of $100 minimum.

Holiday Jubilee:
Holiday Card Kit

Select Holiday Greeting Card Set and Recording Time – Sold in Sets of 10

Custom record your personalized messages or songs!  Choose 10 to 80 seconds of recording time.

This will be a Christmas Card they will save and cherish!

***Wholesale pricing available on quantities of 500 and up.

*Please Note: We accept international orders ($100 minimum)

Light Activated Sound Modules; Light Sensitive Devices

Imagine The Gift Of “SURPRISE” When They Hear Your Custom Message In Gift Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Mailing Tubes, Media Kits.

(Boxes not included)

Comes in sets of 10 modules.

Light Activated Sound Modules, also called Light Sensitive Sound Devices automatically plays your songs/voice messages up to 20 seconds when exposed to light. Perfect for corporate business mailings, mailing tubes, music boxes, drawers, gag gifts and more!

If you would like specific quantities over 10, or express shipping, please call us at 877-545-2343.

*Please Note: We accept international orders for recordable sound modules. ($100 minimum)

Light Sensitive Recording Devices:  “How To” Video

(Email your receipt from samples to receive $25 refund on your next order of 100 or more sound modules.)

Push Button Module Covers

(Hides All Components)

Easy to use. Just peel and stick. Push button module covers are recommended for gift packages, greeting cards, gift bags, displays, and bulletin boards.
$1.95 each

Push Button Sound Recording Modules

Recordable Push Button Modules with Playback Sound Button

(Records up to 60 seconds)  Easy!  Just press to record.  Press to playback.

Sold in sets of 20 @ 4.95 each

We ship 2 – 3 day USPS priority mail. All recording devices are tested prior to shipping.


Recordable Envelopes for Invitations; Fun Ideas!


Recordable Talking Envelopes will turn any ordinary special occasion card or invitation into an exciting musical presentation. Perfect for Wedding Invitations, Promotional Business Mailings, Holiday Cards, Everyday Fun! ; Recordable Envelopes for Invitations are an alternative to recordable greeting cards.

Easy to Use . . . . Just Press & Record!  Our clients purchase sets of 10 or 20 Recordable Envelopes for their upcoming parties and business promotions as a fast alternative to custom printing recordable greeting cards.


FREE SHIPPING ON $100 or more: Recordable Talking Envelopes; Recordable Envelopes for Invitations, recordable greeting cards
*Please Note: We accept international orders for recordable envelopes. ($100 minimum)

For custom orders complete with your design/programmed recording with quantities of 250 and up, please contact us:

Recordable Greeting Cards with Photo Insert


Re-recordable photo insert greeting cards. Select recordable holiday photo cards with black, cream, pink or blue frame.  Sets of 10.

Recordable sound devices for greeting cards may be purchased separately.

Photo Insert Recordable Greeting Cards
Record a Message up to 10 Seconds

Recordable Photo Frame Greeting Cards are a great way to personalize with your favorite 4” x 6” photo and personalize with your custom recording.

Our photo frame recordable cards include these colors: Blue, Pink, Cream, Black

For longer record time up to 60 seconds, please select black photo frame recordable card KITS. Very popular below!

Please contact us for quantity discounts or express shipping at 877-545-2343 or

*Please Note: We accept international orders for photo insert recordable greeting cards. ($100 minimum)

Please note: Sold in sets of 10 (10 sec. record time).  New! Reduced Price.  Just $4.95 each.

Recordable Post Cards: Voice Modules/ Voice Recorders

Voice Recorders are re-recordable sound devices used to turn ANY 5″ x 7″  greeting card into a RECORDABLE card.

What it is:  5” x 7” inch blank recordable voice modules used to create “TALKING GREETING CARDS” and “RECORDABLE POST CARDS”.

Simply record your message and peel and stick onto the back of your 5 x 7 inch greeting card with adhesive strips     (included on back of voice module).

Original Design Features:

  • Size 5″ x 7″ inch postcard voice recorder
  • Adhesive recordable voice modules
  • White envelopes included
  • No glue necessary
  • Push Play Button to Play Your Recording Up To 300 Times!

Each module holds 10 seconds recording time.  For longer record times, try out blank recordable greeting card “print-ready” kits:

Blank Recordable Voice Modules ship by USPS priority mail (guaranteed 2 – 3 days).

Wholesale Recording Devices for Stuffed Animals

Build Personalized Recordable teddy bears with voice recorders for stuffed animals, pillows and more with talking recordable devices for stuffed animals! Simply record your message and insert easy-to-use squeeze buttons.

Sold in sets of 10
If you would like bulk, wholesale pricing, please email us:

*Please Note: We accept international orders for voice recorders for stuffed animals. ($100 minimum)

Stuffed Animals not included with this purchase of recordable sound devices only.  

Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules; Recording Devices

Easy! Print Your Own Musical Greeting Card Kits

Insert recordable greeting card sound modules and custom print your own Recordable Greeting Cards to create personalized Musical Party Invitations for Corporate, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Holiday, Halloween and more!  Our kits include recordable greeting card sound modules print-ready paper/envelopes.

Save time!  We can program your song/message onto recording devices up to 5 minutes!  Fast Delivery!  Just email your recording as a wav or mp3 format:

Already have your greeting cards/invitations?  It’s not too late! WATCH VIDEO BELOW.  Combine recordable greeting card sound modules AND sound module COVERS which hide all components.  Record, peel-n-stick.  Automatically plays when your recordable card is opened.