Push Button Sound Recording Modules


Recordable Push Button Modules with Playback Sound Button

(Records up to 60 seconds)  Easy!  Just press to record.  Press to playback.

Sold in sets of 20 @ 4.95 each

We ship 2 – 3 day USPS priority mail. All recording devices are tested prior to shipping.


Module Covers for $1.00 each ($20 per set of 20)


Design Features:

  • Recording songs/messages up to 60 seconds. You can re-record your messages up to 300 times.
  • Push Button Module Size: 2.75” x 3.75” inches (Sound Playback Button is ½” in diameter)
  • Peel and Stick application
  • Plays up to 300 times

PUSH BUTTON MODULE COVERS hide all recording components including speaker and wires. Available in white. Insert push button module after recording. Simply peel and stick. Recordable Push button module covers are recommended for all gift packages, greeting cards, story books, entertaining sound buttons for post cards, musical gift packages, science fair projects, talking displays, and voice recordings for bulletin boards.

Push Button Sound Recording Modules


  1. Remove clear plastic key if shown under battery to begin.
  2. Hold down both buttons at the same time while recording (red light will be on while recording).
  3. Press button above to play back message.
  4. Remove backing when finished and stick into place.

[stag_toggle style=”normal” title=”Custom Programming and USB Programmers available” state=”closed”]

Special Order Custom Programmed Push Button Sound Modules; Voice Recorders; Recordable Sound Buttons

Visit corporate wholesale programming: https://soundexpressiongreetings.com/corporate-and-wholesale/

If you would like us to program push button modules for you, talk to us about your project and email quotes@soundexpressiongreetings.com.

Quantities of 250 and up:  Simply email your wav or mp3 recording to creative@soundexpressiongreetings.com.

We program your custom song/recording for you up to 5 minutes.  Select push button covers (sold separately) to hide all components.  In stock in white, and we custom print with your graphic on orders of 250 and up.

Recordable Push Button Sound Modules are Easy to apply. Just peel and stick!

New!  Rechargable Push Button Sound Modules; Recording Up To 5 Minutes with optional Multi Message Programming applications.  250 minimum

Sample costs are refunded with your next custom purchase of 250 and up push button sound modules.


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