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Recordable Talking Envelopes will turn any ordinary special occasion card or invitation into an exciting musical presentation. Perfect for Wedding Invitations, Promotional Business Mailings, Holiday Cards, Everyday Fun! ; Recordable Envelopes for Invitations are an alternative to recordable greeting cards.

Easy to Use . . . . Just Press & Record!  Our clients purchase sets of 10 or 20 Recordable Envelopes for their upcoming parties and business promotions as a fast alternative to custom printing recordable greeting cards.


FREE SHIPPING ON $100 or more: Recordable Talking Envelopes; Recordable Envelopes for Invitations, recordable greeting cards
*Please Note: We accept international orders for recordable envelopes. ($100 minimum)

For custom orders complete with your design/programmed recording with quantities of 250 and up, please contact us:

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If you would like specific quantities over 50, please call us for DISCOUNT PRICING at 877-545-2343!

Looking for a sound effect or song for your project? Try  I found this site to be very useful in finding appropriate sound tracks for musical envelopes, modules and greeting cards. There is a wide range of sound effects and song clips – easy to download – easy to use. Simply email your selection for your next project!

Recordable Envelopes for Invitations are the perfect accompaniment to create memorable invitations for birthday, holiday, anniversary, Halloween, graduation. Envelopes size: 6.25 x 8.25 inches. Holds 5 x 7 or 6 x 8 greeting cards. Sold in sets of 10. Your personalized recording automatically plays when envelope opens.

Your order is shipped USPS priority mail – guaranteed 2 – 3 days. All products are tested prior to shipping.

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Recordable Envelopes for Invitations also known as Talking Envelopes now come in a NEW LARGER SIZE and fit both 5×7 and 6×8 cards.  This invention design combines a practical envelope with recordable capability suitable for greeting cards or gift related items.  The sound is activated each time the envelope is opened and plays for the duration of the time your message is recorded.  This is the Easiest Solution to adding your personalized message to your mailings!

Original Design Features: 

  •     Recordable messages up to 10 or 20 seconds.  Re-record your message up to 300 times.
  •     The talking envelopes now come in a NEW LARGER SIZE and fit both 5 x 7 and 6 x 8 cards.
  •     Just Press and Record:  Record button inside.
  •     Your message will play each time the envelope flap is opened – up to 300 times.
  •     Uses a standard pull tab module – same as our popular recordable greeting cards.
  •     Thick, durable paper stock for protection during mailing.
  •     Aqueous coated. Please use sharpie marker or 2″ x 4″ label for easy addressing.

Recordable Envelopes can be pre-recorded (custom programmed) with your song/message when ordering 250 and up.  They contain pull-tab sound modules that hold the sound up to 5 minutes.  The message plays each time the envelope is opened for the duration of the sound recording.  The pull-tab portion of the sound module is placed on the fold of the envelope for easy activation when the envelope is opened.  The module itself is hidden by an extra layer of paper glued into place so that the envelope maintains its attractiveness and it also protects the module, as well.  Recordable Envelopes are frequently customized with promotional messages for business related mailings and corporate promotions.  Enoy!

  • Will fit both 5 x 7 and 6 x 8 size cards
  • Talking Envelope – push the REC button and record up to 10 or 20 seconds.
  • Your sound plays each time the flap is opened.

Envelope Construction – made of thick paper with a laminate to protect the sound module during the mailing process and to encourage people to open the envelope via the flap.

Design Patent by:  Kelli Fusaro (August 2008)


Sound Expressions, LLC is America’s leader in personalized musical greeting cards, recordable envelops, and cookie favors for businesses and special events. The mission of the company is to create quality custom products which are multi-sensory in design encouraging creativity and full self-expression.

Our Product Guarantee/Return Policy:

All sound modules and sound cards are tested prior to shipping and we guarantee workability.
If problems should occur, we agree to replace or exchange any non-working modules returned to us within 30 days.
Refunds not accepted.


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