FUN Recording Stickers! Create Keepsake Musical, Sound Greeting Cards, Party Invitations


Voice Recorders: Make Any Greeting Card Recordable;  Also used to hold your gift cards in greeting cards and custom record messages.  Insert your business card, gift card, credit card or wallet size photo to customize!

Sold in sets of 20

SETS OF 20 (60 second) Recording Stickers = 4.95 ea. + $1.00 for the module covers. Total = 5.95 ea.


Create Keepsake Musical, Sound Greeting Cards, Party Invitations


TURN EVERY Ordinary Greeting Card a Memorable, Fun Sound Card! Re-recording stickers will add your personalized songs and messages to greeting cards, party invitations, holiday cards, wedding invitations and corporate promotions.  The sleeve that hides the components will allow you the option of adding a gift card or business card if you like.

Say “I Love You” with a song or voice recording to that special someone in your life.  Celebrate birthdays, baby showers, valentines day, anniversary, anniversaries, cancer recovery, graduation, encouragement, get well, first communion, confirmation, fathers day, mothers day, Valentine’s Day and more!


(These Voice Recorders are a Patented Design by Sound Expressions, LLC)

PERSONALIZE YOUR STORE BOUGHT GREETING CARDS! (Record your custom message, Peel and Stick) Give someone you love a special surprise message!

PROBLEM:  Most gift cards fall out of greeting cards when cards are opened.

SOLUTION: Recordable Module Covers have clear sleeves so that you may personalize by sliding photos, gift cards, credit cards, business cards into the clear sleeves if you like. They are held in place with peel and stick backing.  Record your favorite songs and messages for someone you love.

Voice Recorders are Perfect for Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversary, Corporate Cards, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Get Well, Graduation, Encouragement, and more!

Design Features Of Recordable Gift Cards:

  • Available record times:  60 seconds.
  • You can re-record your message as many times as needed.
  • Greeting Card Module Cover Size: 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches
  • Instructions: Press down and hold recording button. Record your voice or song into micro speaker. Release record button when finished. Insert into module cover.  Peel and stick into any greeting card aligning the notches of pull tab with fold of greeting card.
  • Message plays when card is opened.
  • Re-Recordable.  Plays up to 300 times

Your order is shipped USPS priority mail – guaranteed 2 – 3 days. All voice recorders and greeting card products are tested prior to shipping.

Please call us to for express shipping options: 877-545-2343

Email for quantity pricing.

We accept international orders of $100 and up.  First class shipping is included with international online orders.  Please allow 10 – 14 days.

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