Recordable Talking Envelopes

Talking Recordable Envelopes
SALE PRICE: Set of 20 for $85.00 - $99.00

SALE: Set of 20 (10 second recordable) 6.25 x 8.25 inches - blank Recordable Envelopes @ 4.25 ea. ($85.00)

SALE: Set of 20 (20 second recordable) 6.25 x 8.25 inches - blank Recordable Envelopes @ 4.95 ea. ($99.00)

White Recordable Envelopes provide a simple solution to adding your custom voice recording or music selection to any greeting card presentation. Recordable envelopes are available in 10 or 20 second options. It only requires just a few seconds to press the button and customize the recordable envelopes with your message. After recording your envelope, just insert any 5 x 7 inch or 6 x 8 inch greeting card. Extra postage is required (approximately .70 cents) due to the weight of the recording device in the envelope + your card.


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Sound Expression Greetings is a USA Disney Vendor since 2015. We excel in the highest quality custom musical greeting cards and personalized recordable envelopes for business promotions. We offer FREE consultations on custom recorded cards, boxes, brochures, shelf talking displays, video greeting cards, recordable envelopes and more! Our specialty business featuring music and video innovations began in 2002. Our musical greeting cards, devices and custom recorded products are shipped throughout the USA and abroad.

Looking for Custom Printed and Programmed Envelopes in larger quantities? Please call for express shipping or bulk discount rates on blank recordable envelopes and custom printed musical envelopes: 877-545-2343

We can custom print and program recordable envelopes for you in quantities of 250 and up.  To get started, email your ideas so we can work with you throughout the process and supply the right template for your design:

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