Squeeze Sound Modules For Stuffed Animals

Squeeze Sound Module
PRICE: Set of 20 ($4.95 each) $99.00
Recordable Squeeze Modules for Stuffed Animals (10 sec. record time).

Please Note: Wires extend up to 10" inches down the arm or leg of stuffed animals for paw or foot.

DESCRIPTION: Stuffed Animal Sound Modules - Squeeze Modules

  • Stuffed Animals not included with this purchase of recordable sound devices only.
  • All Recordable Stuffed Animal Squeeze Modules are tested prior to shipping.
  • Your order will be shipped USPS priority mail - (please allow 2 - 3 days)
  • Personalize Teddy Bears, Stuffed Animals, Pillows and more! Easy! Simply record your message and squeeze the button to play.
  • Record your custom song / messages up to 10 seconds.
  • You can re-record as often as needed.
  • Plays up to 300 times
  • Size: 2" x 1.75" x .75" inches
  • Record your message first. Then, insert square box into chest of stuffed animal.
  • Extend 10" wire down the art/leg of the animal to place the squeeze (play button) in paw or foot. (Watch video instructions on this page)


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Video Example: Squeeze Sound Modules:


Idea: Looking for WIRELESS SOUND BUTTONS for Stuffed Animals?  We have those too. We can custom program sound buttons in quantities of 250 and up. Fast Delivery! Just email your recording as a wav or mp3 to creative@soundexpressiongreetings.com.

1 Wireless Button
(front & back)

Wireless Squeeze Button Wireless squeeze button


We work with record companies and produce the highest quality squeeze modules and sound buttons for stuffed animals. They are so easy to use! Instructions included. Watch our squeeze module video demonstration on this page.

Sound Expression Greetings is a USA Disney Vendor since 2015. Our specialty business featuring music and video innovations began in 2002. Our musical greeting cards, devices and custom recorded products are shipped throughout the USA and abroad. We excel in the highest quality recordable light active sound modules, recordable greeting card modules, talking devices, and squeeze sound modules. We offer FREE consultations on custom recorded cards, boxes, brochures, shelf talking displays, video greeting cards, recordable envelopes and more.

Save Time: We will Custom Program Squeeze Modules!  We can program your song / message onto recording devices up to 5 minutes when ordering 250 and up. Fast Delivery! Just email your recording as a wav or mp3 to creative@soundexpressiongreetings.com.

Please call for express shipping or bulk discount rates on Squeeze and Sound Buttons - Recording Modules: 877-545-2343.

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